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Monthly Archives: August 2017

  1. The Perfect Wedding Attire


    It’s one of the most popular times of year for a wedding so if you have an invite or two this year, it’s probably worth your while reading our guide…

    Now we all know you never can truly rely on the British weather, but when you consider that you’ll be adding a suit jacket on top of your shirt, you’re going to want to choose a breathable fabric.

    With that in mind a shirt with the most breathable fabric there is. As one of the most common natural fibre fabrics out there, cotton is perfect for all climates. The natural cotton fibres allow air to circulate and move freely through the fabric. The natural un-chemically treated finish of cotton shirts means they are soft and smooth against the skin. So for comfort and coolness all day long the Double TWO Paradigm Shirt should be considered your go-to shirt.

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  2. The Finest Father's Day Gifts


    With Father’s Day on the Horizon, we’ve put together a little guide of our finest men’s gift selection.

    We thought this year, why not buy something Dad actually needs! So here it is, the finest Father's Day Gift Guide...

    With a fresh batch of stylish cuff links now available online, why not please the best dressed Dads with something new for their formal collection?

    Cuff links are a great way to add an extra dash of sophistication to an outfit, giving an extra smart appearance at a wedding and a professional look to those high powered business meetings. If your Dad looks the part, he’ll certainly feel the part, enough to take on anything life throws at him, including your latest social drama!

    Shop Cuff Li

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  3. Double TWO Nostalgia: The Double TWO Bridge


    An iconic feature of our home city of Wakefield for as long as most people can remember, is undoubtedly the bridges that surround the city, supporting the railway lines that lead in and out of the city’s two railway stations, Kirkgate and Westgate.

    Particularly iconic is the bridge that spans the entrance to the city, Kirkgate. Passed under by thousands of cars travelling in and out of the city every day, it was hard throughout the latter half of the 20th century, not to notice the name of Double TWO Shirts emblazoned on the side!

    The Double Two Bridge Wakefield | The home of Double Two Shirts

    It was so iconic that to this day, even though the adverts are long gone, people still refer to the Double TWO bridge.

    In fact, local businesses, i

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  4. Double TWO Nostalgia: On the Buses!


    In a special look back through our company history, we take a nostalgic look at the Double TWO Staff Bus Service.

    In 1952, the production of Double TWO Shirts was moved to an impressive new site at Thornes Lane Wharf, on the banks of the River Calder.

    At a time when most people didn’t own cars, it was decided that by operating a free bus service it would help get the workforce to work on time and would also give the company a strategic advantage when it came to what they could offer workers.

    Double TWO Chairman Richard Donner recalls,

    “A lot of our workforce were miner’s wives and daughters. So by operating buses we could go to all those mining towns and pick them up. The biggest competition in the jobs market in those early days were the munitions factories, dangerous work compared to shirt-making, but competition none the less. The fact we could pick them up and bring them to work and it wasn’t costing them any of their wages was a real draw.”

    The Wak

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  5. Double TWO Nostalgia: From Shirt Salesman to British Spy!


    In a special post, we remember a man who helped found Double TWO and became a war-time British spy helping to defeat the Nazi war machine!

    The late Harry Beckhough had a very eventful life indeed!

    When the government gave the Donner family (who themselves had fled Nazi occupied Austria) a permit to start a shirt making factory in an area of high unemployment, it was Wakefield that was chosen. Acting as translator and business advisor to Isaac Donner, Harry Beckhough helped get the family on a train to Wakefield to meet with the Ministry of Labour and the Midland Bank. He helped to setup the business and stayed to work with the company, becoming its first ever salesman.

    Harry studied four languages whilst at school, English, French, German and Greek, as part of a deal he states he made with the Headmaster to escape expulsion! Mr Beckhough passed all four languages with flying colours, winning a place at Bristol University to study German.


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  6. Double TWO Nostalgia: A World First in Shirtmaking


    In a special nostalgic look back at our history, we first need to travel back to the early 1940’s.

    The war had bought many scientific inventions as weapons technology developed, but it was the discovery of a new fibre that drew the attention of our Chairman, Mr Isaac Donner.

    In 1941, in the midst of war, a scientist named Dr. Rex Whinfield derived a new fibre from oil. Despite this unlikely origin, the fibre looked and felt like silk and had many more qualities than any natural fibre could hope for.

    The British government were so impressed with the discovery that the shackles of the Secrets Act were clamped on it until the end of the war!

    Once the war was over, Dr Rex Whinfield along with Imperial Chemical Industries (I.C.I) patiently developed this man-made fibre for years, ironing out the snags and increasing its wonderful properties. They named it Terylene.

    Then in 1951, just three days before the British Industries Fair, Isaac Donner, our founder a

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  7. Double TWO's Father's Day Gift Guide

    With Father’s Day just around the corner, we’ve handpicked some of our quality Double TWO products we know your Dad will love.

    Every Dad

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  8. Men's Fashion at The Grand National

    Whether you're attending this years’ Grand National or preparing for a summer jaunt to the races, our range of men’s shirts offer something for every event.

    Made from fine cotton fabrics for a soft, comfortable feel, our latest Double TWO formal shirts collection does not disappoint. Take a look at our plain formal shirts, where you can buy any 4 for the price of 3. Or look sharp and sophisticated in patterns, tonal stripes or traditional gingham with our latest patterned formal shirts collection. Featuring timeless styles these classic fit shirts ensure an ultra-smooth look.

    Shop our Blue Gingham Formal Shirt | Mens Fashion at The Grand National

    For a more casual approach, our

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  9. How to Dress Like A Golf Pro


    As Golf’s 2016 Ryder Cup gets under way it’s time to take a look at your golfing wardrobe gents!

    Show your true colours...

    Golf doesn’t have to be about blending in. Use a splash of colour to signal your intent. Wearing red can show you’re ready for competition. Cooler, pale shades show you’re ready for a nice relaxing round with your mates.

    Shop Old Salt Polo Shirts by Double TWO - Perfect for a round of Golf!

    > Shop Polo Shirts

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  10. Will you be joining the dark side?


    As the new Star Wars movie: The Force Awakens is set to hit cinemas everywhere from tonight, we are showing our dark side through this collection of shirts.

    This time of year can sometimes be full of garish, crazy coloured jumpers and bright bold colours, but let’s take a step back to the classic combination of classic black and white. Timeless colours that are perfect for every occasion.

    This mini check shirt with white pin collar is super sophisticated, available in Slim Fit here and in our classic fit without pin collar here.

    Paired with plain black trousers and not forgetting t

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