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Monthly Archives: October 2017

  1. How to Spot the Differences in Shirt Fabrics


    Men’s shirts can be made from many different weaves of material these days. The different styles can be a little confusing. Subtle differences in the way the fabric is weaved can achieve a world of difference in appearance and properties!

    This guide aims to give you the knowledge to confidently know your poplin shirts from your oxford shirts!


    Poplin is a strong, tightly woven fabric. The threads are very closely woven in a simple criss-cross pattern. The resulting fabric gives a smooth texture with very little sheen. The poplin shirt is a very popular choice as an everyday business shirt as it’s generally a much more lightweight, thinner fabric that is very breathable, so can be worn comfortably under a suit or on a warm day. Des

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  2. Men's Shirt Collars Explained


    With so many different shirt collar styles out there it really can feel a little daunting. If it isn’t enough to choose a colour, a pattern, a material and a cuff style, the varying styles of collar come along and add to the woes of even the most avid shirt buyer!

    This guide on choosing the right collar style will arm you with the knowledge of a true men’s fashionista, help you understand the differences and help you know instantly the right collar style to suit you.

    Spread Collar

    Our most popular collar is the spread collar. This is a collar style that was first popularised by the Duke of Windsor to accommodate the Windsor knot, the spread refers to the width between the points of the collar, which is slightly wider than a sta

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