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Monthly Archives: June 2018

  1. The New Hues of Autumn


    With the holidays over, and your wallet free of the drain of keeping the kids entertained for six weeks, your work wardrobe can take centre stage once again.

    With the famed Double TWO quality in abundance across our latest formal shirt collection, these shirts are sure to make you an instant style icon in the office.

    From fresh winter blues to autumnal checks, style comes to Autumn-Winter 2019 in abundance.

    Men's Casual Shirts

    Men's Formal Shirts

    Think crisp woodland walks and Sunday dinners in countryside pubs, to wear this season’s s

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  2. Introducing a Revolution in Men's Fashion


    Double TWO and leading menswear fashion experts have been working hard to revolutionise the shirt-making market and this latest offering presents a real game change for men all around the world...

    This newly shirt, fondly named The 'Back-to-front' Shirt by it's makers gives men a whole new clothing option!

    This new men's shirt is made in much the same way as a traditional shirt except the button and collar fastening sit neatly along the back of the shirt!

    More info on this later, as we wouldn't want to get in the way of more serious April 1st business!

    Happy April Fool's Day everyone!

    Of course, on a serious note, Double TWO really have been at the forefront of shirt-making for almost 80 years. To view the finest men's shirts and women's

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  3. Lambretta Scooters line up for our Clothing Event


    Scooters from all over the region turned out in force at the Dockside Shopping Centre in Chatham on Sunday 24th March.

    The array of glorious Lambretta scooters dazzled onlookers in the sunshine as they lined up for a Best Scooter Competition held by our Chatham store to promote their Lambretta Clothing range.

    The event, now in its third year, never fails to disappoint, with shoppers young and old been treated to a wonderful display of scooters, in-store competitions and prizes as well as huge discounts on the Lambretta Clothing stocked by all Double TWO outlet stores.

    There were also great discounts to be had on our own collections, including our renowned 100% cotton, non-iron Paradigm shirts as well as men’s and women’s formal shirt and casual shirt collections.

    Scooter clubs in attendance were The Medway Aces, Sittingbourne Knights, Gravesend Sentinels, Amalga (South East London & Kent), Basildon Scooter Club (Essex), Lazy Sundays (Canterbury) and Big

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  4. The Finest Women's Shirts


    We’re going to let you in on a secret…

    Well, not really a secret, but something that often gets forgotten in the mists of time.

    Back in 1940, when the Wakefield Shirt Company was formed, before we even came up with the Double TWO shirts brand, we had a very different product.

    The idea had always been that we would manufacture men’s shirts. That was Isaac Donner and Frank Myers aim. But there was a war on. And most of the country’s men were away on the frontline.

    It was also very difficult to get hold of cotton due to shortages. There was however lots of viscose rayon material available. This delicate, lightweight fabric was being used to make parachutes for the military. Mr Donner and Mr Myers decided they could use this silk-like fabric to manufacture blouses and women’s shirts.

    This worked well as women were now going to work in Britain’s factories and needed shirts to wear to work.

    So while we have for most of our almost 80 year existence being renow

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  5. The Valentines Gift Guide


    We’ve always had a thing for creating the most luxurious shirts.

    Be it women’s shirts or men’s shirts, our designers know nothing other than to create the finest designs that simply exude sex appeal.

    Those lovingly produced designs are then equally lovingly crafted and nurtured, every stitch and seam created to tantalising perfection.

    Whether the man in your life needs a new office shirt or could do with the finer points of style literally handing to him in a box, (see our tie and handkerchief gift sets!) you’ll find a great selection of perfect style gifts to keep him looking on top form.

    And we haven’t forgotten how to spoil the women in our lives at Double TWO HQ either. You’ll find great styles to complement her alluring feminine beauty, all inside our voluptuous Valentines guide…

    Hot Gifts For Her

    Say it with flowers, or prints with silky smooth, soft viscose blouses and women’s shirts styled for that perfect hot date. You’v

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  6. Mighty Fine Shirts For The Office Christmas Party


    It’s time for the eagerly anticipated (or dreaded!) office Christmas Party.

    From the super dressy, formal bash to the ‘quick drink down the nearest pub’ on the afternoon you break up for Christmas. Of course we all know it turns out to be more than just a quick drink, but we still say it anyway.

    As any good shirt maker would, we have shirts for all occasions… AND Ladies this post is for you too, we have the finest women’s shirts to attend the equally finest party in the land with.

    Let’s start with the straight from work drinks…

    Formal Shirts to wear to the pub

    A decent patterned formal shirt adds style to the office, smashing up the routine and breaking out the colour palette.

    Patterned formal shirts are also great for those after work drinks! As soon as the clock strikes 5, head to the bar in style in any of our stunning stripe or checked shirts.

    Take your pick from statement style pieces to slightly more off duty

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  7. Ideal Men's Christmas Gifts


    It’s that time of year again when we’re all going frantic trying to find the ideal Christmas gift for loved ones, and that Uncle you only see once a year!

    Luckily for you, Double TWO has never shied away from producing the perfect gift to suit the most stylish man!

    From luxurious, soft men’s scarves, to the most formal and sophisticated bow ties, handsome shirt and tie gift sets and, for the man who desires to look on top of his game – matching tie, handkerchief and cufflink gift sets.

    Below, we’ve compiled the most A-game worthy of men’s gifts for you to take your pick from…

    Men’s Scarves

    Wrap up warm because winter is most definitely here! One of the most sought after men’s gifts at this time of year is the scarf. We’ve pulled out all the stops this year to bring the very best men’s scarf offering there is!

    Well we knew we had to prepare for those fiercely cold January days ahead with something that truly does the job.

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  8. The Evolution of Ties


    Love them or loathe them there’s no question a tie is a sure fire sign of formality and elegance.

    But with the modern workplace a much more relaxed environment in terms of dress sense, are ties in danger of dying out altogether?

    We take a look back at the history of the tie and examine how it fits into the modern day man’s wardrobe.

    The birth of the tie

    There is much debate about the origins of the tie and how it came to be the fashion piece it is today. Was there ever a functional use or has it always been solely a decorative accessory?

    Even going back four thousand years to Ancient Egypt there is evidence of the use of neck wear been worn. Ancient Tribes around the world seem to have all worn something around the neck, with very little other clothing.

    If you’ve ever seen China’s Terracotta Warriors they are all depicted wearing a piece of cloth tied around their necks, with different type’s seemingly denoting rank.

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  9. Prepare for Autumn in the Office


    As the sun sets on what has been a beautifully hot summer, you may be finding yourself unprepared for the sudden change in temperature.

    With this in mind, we’ve put together a guide to the extra warming layers we have coming in for the new season. Perfect for if you're still waiting for the boss to put the heating on!

    Avoid the workplace shivers with these stylish must haves…

    Warm Handle Shirts

    Formal Warm Handle Shirts

    If you’re looking to retain as much heat as possible it’s a good idea to invest in some warm handle shirts. These shirts are so called for their extra thickness to a conventional weave.

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  10. Our Guide To Business-Casual Dressing


    The latest dress code, hot on the heels of smart-casual, business-casual is a concept born in the American workplace.

    It was the product of small, predominantly male companies that spent more time in front of computer screens than sat in meetings, speaking to people.

    Business-Casual gained in popularity with the introduction of ‘Dress-Down Friday’ in most American offices. A day that promoted inclusivity, where for one day of the week everybody got to dress as badly as each other!

    Yet, despite all the American hype, the roots of casual Friday can actually be fou

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