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Black Friday - The busiest shopping day of the year

Black Friday - The busiest shopping day of the year

Inherited from the US, Black Friday is now deemed as the biggest shopping day of the year. It has become a calendar event with shoppers holding off gift-buying in the hope of grabbing a bargain from retail giants.

So when is it?

Some retailers have started their promotions early and some are set to run far past the official date, this has caused some confusion with shoppers wondering if they have missed it.

Fear not, it’s this Friday - 27th November 2015.

Where does the name come from?

As usual, there are rumours that the term comes from retailers going “into the black” that traffic to their websites can be so high they have a queue hours long. Another one is that it’s so called by employers who consider it a bad day as everyone phones in sick to go shopping!

However, there is some truth amidst these stories to where the term originates.

A report in The New York Times from 1961 references police officers in Philadelphia using the term as a way to describe the smog and traffic caused by shoppers.

It’s said that retailers were unhappy with the phrase and tried to rename it “Big Friday”. It didn’t catch on.

Will it be more popular this year?

It appears so, predicted figures for 2015 are staggering, The Centre for Retail Research estimates that online spending alone on Black Friday will be close to £966 million.

The total for Black Friday sales, including stores, could reach £1.39 billion.

It can get pretty intense, footage shown on TV and online reveals the surge of people entering stores and fighting over products. This is thought to be one of the reasons some retail giants have bowed out of the 24 hour flash promotion this year in exchange for holding different promotions throughout the festive period.

As a retailer we will be taking part, and as shoppers it’s probably safe to say that a few of us at Head Office will be tracking down some must-have bargains too.

If you’re choosing to brave the stores we have put together a little guide to help you survive this Black Friday...

1. Finance 25 Nov 2015 16:13:59

Make sure you have paid off previous years Black Friday shopping trip before you begin this one.

Also, don’t forget to take your method of payment with you.

2. Physical

It’s November and it's cold, especially so in the mornings, by stretching you are reducing your risk of injury.

Be sure to do this before you participate in the high level of physical activity required,

without stretching how will you be able to reach that 42” TV before the person next to you?

3. Fuel Up

Make sure your transport is taken care of in advance, you don’t want to be wasting precious time by stopping at a petrol station.

4. Food & Drink

It might be tempting to grab a large gingerspiced latte on your way to join the queue, but resist the urge, you need something to give you long term energy.

Pack your pockets, back and vehicle with plenty of water, juice, fruit and granola bars to keep yourself energised and hydrated.

5. Sleep

It might be more exciting than Christmas morning, but a goodnights sleep is essential to your Black Friday preparation.

Don’t forget to set your alarm!

6. Look Online

Research the items you want to buy, especially high price electrical items and compare across different retailers.

Even better, looking online you may find a retailers has a promotion running online. If that’s the case…

Ignore most of the above, save yourself a trip and shop from the comfort of your own home.

You may need to be patient as there still could be queues online.

However, where better to be in a queue than indoors, with a cup of tea… still in your slippers.

Happy Shopping!