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Men's Shirt Collars Explained

Men's Shirt Collars Explained

With so many different shirt collar styles out there it really can feel a little daunting. If it isn’t enough to choose a colour, a pattern, a material and a cuff style, the varying styles of collar come along and add to the woes of even the most avid shirt buyer!

This guide on choosing the right collar style will arm you with the knowledge of a true men’s fashionista, help you understand the differences and help you know instantly the right collar style to suit you.

Spread Collar

Our most popular collar is the spread collar. This is a collar style that was first popularised by the Duke of Windsor to accommodate the Windsor knot, the spread refers to the width between the points of the collar, which is slightly wider than a standard collar to allow for the much fuller Windsor tie knot.

The spread collar shirt is a popular option, evolving from the shirt of royalty to the go-to shirt style of today’s most revered celebrities.

The spread collar shirt flatters a narrow face and is seen as a versatile, ‘can’t go wrong’ type of shirt. It works in every situation. When paired with a jacket you’ll notice the jacket lapels almost cover the edges of the collar with the collar points creating a smooth edge for the jacket to fall against.

At Double TWO we stock three styles of spread collar shirt, our 100% cotton non-iron Paradigm Shirts, our 100% cotton poplin shirts and our non-iron cotton rich poplin shirts.


Classic Collar

The classic collar shirt is a staple of our seasonal collection. This collar style offers a flattering look to complement all face shapes. The length of the collar, from neck to the point of the collar, is usually 4-5cm. The classic collar is most often paired with the four in hand tie knot, though it has just the right spacing to ensure that any tie knot will sit beautifully.


Standard Collar

The standard collar shirt, also referred to as the point collar or forward point collar, is possibly the most traditional men’s shirt. The distance is much narrower between the points of the collar than other shirt collar types. Worth bearing in mind when pairing with a tie as a much slimmer knot is the most suited.

The narrower spread of the standard collar is also popular when you go without a tie, as it doesn’t leave as much blank space at the neckline.

When paired with a jacket, the points of the collar point down towards the lapels without been covered by them.While a standard, forward point collar is a more traditional style, it’s certainly not old fashioned or outdated.


Button-Down Collar

The button-down collar shirt has its roots firmly in the 19th century sporting arena. Polo to be precise. Polo players were becoming increasingly annoyed at the cumbersome traditional collar, finding it would flap in their faces while riding.

The button-down collar evolved from a simple homemade solution in to a classic men's fashion must have, thanks largely to the innovation of John Brooks of Brooks Brothers who began to offer them in his shops. The Italians though have to also take some of the credit for making the button-down collar so popular!

Those stylish Italian's were setting the fashion trendsin the 1950's and 60's and gave the button-down collar shirrt its sophisticated charm and laid back sense of style.

A common feature of the oxford shirt, the button-down collar has become a menswear staple, suiting any face type.

Can I wear a tie with a button-down collar shirt?

It’s a question that continues to be asked. We can categorically say that the button-down collar shirt is as versatile as they come. Worn with a tie, the shirt becomes an iconic formal business shirt, whilst worn without a tie you have an instantly more relaxed style perfect for those casual business get-togethers.See the evidence below. Rather dashing don't you think?


A variation on the style is the hidden or concealed button-down collar. Put simply, this collar attaches to a button concealed underneath the collar. Cutting edge style with a collar firmly fastened in place.

Wing Collar

A wing collar shirt is the ultimate men’s dress shirt. Worn under a tuxedo for black or white tie events, the wing collar is for when you want to look your most debonair!

The collar points fold out, giving them a winged appearance and the perfect amount of space to accommodate a bow tie or a cravat.

The wing collar is believed to originate from the very early 1900’s when it was worn by King Edward VII. The First World War saw the wing collar shirt decline as a popular every day choice and it began to be used only for very formal occasions.


by Richard Hopwood
Double TWO