Double TWO Shirts are excited to launch an innovative new shirt range!

For over 75 years, we have continued to lead the way with new shirt making technology. In the days when collars were stiff and quickly wore out, we introduced the shirt with a spare collar that could easily be attached when the old one looked past its best. We then introduced the world’s first polyester shirt, the first time a shirt had been made with a man-made material!

The 2000’s brought our innovative Paradigm shirts, made with 100% cotton micro-twill, wrinkle free, non-iron fabric and now we launch our new invention, ‘The Tonto Shirt’.

‘The Tonto Shirt’ is 100% cotton, non-iron and the ultimate wrinkle free shirt. But not only that, the shirt blends intelligent micro fibres known as Tonto’s, which adjust the fit of the shirt around your body!

No more creases iat all! The ‘Tonto Shirt’ gives the ultimate smooth, non-creased look and accentuates your body, adjusting itself to your frame to keep you looking your very best.

In addition to this the shirt is also stain resistant and waterproof, so no more coffee stains as you rush into work!

Double TWO Shirts have been working in partnership with Professor F. O. Olenzie for the last 5 years to develop the revolutionary technology that goes into this new product. Photos of this REVOLUTIONARY new shirt are soon to be released. The exact designs have been sworn to secrecy, in the meantime!

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