Prepare for Autumn Winter with our New Collection

As the sun sets on hot summer days, it’s time to prepare your wardrobe for the cooler autumn and winter days ahead.

With this in mind, we’ve put together a guide to our new collection, introducing you to the latest Men’s Wardrobe Staples.

This season brings a range of natural and rustic tones in classic checks and stripes, mixed in with sophisticated, cutting edge prints and patterns in eye catching designs.


Subtle Weaves – A new Twist on a Plain Shirt

Subtle patterns are a great understated way to make an impact in what otherwise is a predominantly plain shirt.

Perfect when you don’t want to overdo it with pattern and are looking for a more refined style that catches the eye in a more subdued way.

Our White Diamond Dobby Weave Formal Shirt is perfect for this. It’s a smart little update to every man’s wardrobe must have – a white shirt. Yet, look closely and you’ll see the neatly finished, diamond textured pattern.

The Blue Herringbone Weave Long Sleeve Formal Shirt is another example of this. A subtle pale blue with the added touch of class provided by the way in which the fabric has been weaved in a herringbone design.

Patterned Shirts

Looking to create a more striking impression? These Geometric prints will capture everyone’s attention. Whether it’s a new client you’re looking to dazzle or you need to command attention at the next team meeting, patterned shirts are bound to impress.

Try out this stunning Blue Printed Long Sleeve Shirt or our Navy Printed Long Sleeve Formal Shirt




Warm Handle and Brushed Cotton Shirts

If you often feel the cold in the office or elsewhere, it’s a good idea to invest in some Warm Handle shirts. These shirts are so called for their extra thickness when compared to a conventional shirt weave.

In the days before central heating, Warm Handle shirts were a much sought after commodity! The texture and superior warming effect is achieved during the creation of the fabric. This is by a process where the cotton is brushed or ‘peached’ on both sides. Otherwise known as peached cotton shirts, the term comes from observing the look of the material after the brushing process. When viewed through a microscope, the material will appear to have a small layer of fuzz on the top, just like the outside of a peach. Because the end result has both the look and feel of a soft, peach like texture, the term ‘peached cotton shirts’ soon stuck.

These peached cotton Warm Handle shirts feature strongly in the DOUBLE TWO Formal Collection. The process creates a luxurious finish to our shirts. And, with the added warming benefit, these Warm Handle shirts are very popular during the winter months.

With stunning Tattersall checks in autumnal hues, these shirts are perfect as the cold weather hits!




Brushed Cotton Shirts are a staple of the DOUBLE TWO Lifestyle Collection for this season.

These shirts are a very similar style to those warm handle shirts in the formal collection, yet the cotton is only brushed on the face side. This process removes any lint and fibres and leaves a soft texture that is excellent for trapping heat but also retains the breathability of cotton.

Brushed cotton has a soft feel that creates a soft finish to our lifestyle shirts.

Classic checked designs in refreshing hues coupled with the warming, brushed cotton fabric make these shirts perfect for the outdoors. Whether worn in a casual way over a T-Shirt, or on their own, consider one of our luxurious brushed cotton shirts for a gentle, autumn weekend stroll followed by a visit to a countryside pub!


Our Lifestyle collection expands on these warming fabrics, utilizing checks in classic Gingham and featuring Herringbone and Oxford weaves in luxurious 100% cotton.

Keep an eye out for these new shirts launching soon!