We’re going to let you in on a secret…

Well, not really a secret, but something that often gets forgotten in the mists of time.

Back in 1940, when the Wakefield Shirt Company was formed, before we even came up with the Double TWO shirts brand, we had a very different product.

The idea had always been that we would manufacture men’s shirts. That was Isaac Donner and Frank Myers aim. But there was a war on. And most of the country’s men were away on the frontline.

It was also very difficult to get hold of cotton due to shortages. There was however lots of viscose rayon material available. This delicate, lightweight fabric was being used to make parachutes for the military. Mr Donner and Mr Myers decided they could use this silk-like fabric to manufacture blouses and women’s shirts.

This worked well as women were now going to work in Britain’s factories and needed shirts to wear to work.

So while we have for most of our almost 80 year existence being renowned for exceptional men’s shirts, we actually cut our teeth producing quality women’s shirts and blouses.

The attention to detail that went into those very first women’s shirts still goes into every garment produced to this day.

It often gets forgotten, after generations of leading innovation in men’s shirt making, but women’s shirts are as much a part of our heritage as men’s shirts.

From the classic women’s work shirts to more leisurely weekend styles the Double TWO Woman can take her pick from a cutting edge collection offering superb attention to detail.

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And with spring just around the corner, there’s never been a better time to think about serious investment in the quality styling that Double TWO have long been famous for. It features in every cut, stitch and seam of our perfectly crafted Spring/Summer 19 Women’s Shirt Collection.

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