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The Finest Non-Iron Shirts and How To Care For Them

The Finest Non-Iron Shirts and How To Care For Them

How many hours of your life are you spending behind the ironing board?

Are you spending your Sunday nights ironing shirts for the working week ahead?

Now, if you’re no stranger to shirt buying you probably already know there are non-iron shirts available. We wouldn’t insult you to think otherwise. Despite the first appearance of non-iron shirts back in the 50’s many shirt-makers shied away from this market until the 1990’s!

Many people to this day still have reservations about non-iron shirts, believing them to be generally stiffer and offer less comfort than the average shirt.

Some guys are concerned that non-iron shirts could never look as sharp or feel as soft against the skin as a perfectly pressed, well ironed shirt.

Some even believe there’s no such thing as non-iron and that the iron is still needed after all!

Well we’ll let you into a little secret, (well it’s not a secret actually but here goes..)

We were working on non-iron technology and wrinkle resistance way back in the very youth of our existence. And with close to 80 years of shirt-making heritage to look back on, that’s a very long time indeed!

Now in all that time we certainly learned a thing or two. Not all good things mind. But one thing we did learn, and develop was our superb non-iron technology.

We don’t like to boast but all Double TWO Non-Iron Shirts are among the most spectacularly produced, crafted from superior non-iron fabrics and thoroughly tested for long lasting, hard wearing crease resistance.


There are two types to choose from:

The world famous Double TWO Paradigm Shirt is our premium, most sought after business shirt. It’s the one Director’s and Executives feel most at home in. Expertly crafted from award winning 100% cotton finely woven micro-twill, the Paradigm shirt is a true masterpiece. The luxurious, anti-allergenic fabric gives a silky smooth feel against the skin. These 100% cotton, non-iron shirts offer maximum comfort and minimum creasing. You truly can hop from meeting to meeting looking and feeling immaculate all day long with a Paradigm Shirt. And wash after wash this shirt will look as good as the day you bought it, outperforming other shirts to meet the toughest demands of a modern business man.

All Double TWO Paradigm non-iron shirts are available in single or double cuff and in a selection of plain colours (pictured above) and patterns (pictured below). All shirts offer big and tall sizes all the way up to a 23” collar.

Double TWO Paradigm Patterned Shirts


The other option is a different price point but by no means a drop in standard!

Our Non-Iron Cotton Rich Shirts are expertly crafted from our famous cotton rich poplin fabric. A poly-cotton blend that has been skillfully perfected over generations.

Poplin is a strong, tightly woven fabric that gives a smooth texture. Popular as an everyday business shirt, these superior poly-cotton, poplin non-iron shirts are fine. Light and breathable, perfect for under a suit jacket on a warm day (Read more about shirt fabrics here).

These fine non-iron shirts are very durable and look wonderfully sharp and crisp, retaining their smoothness wash after wash. And they look and feel even more superb than alternatives that actually do need ironing.

These Non-Iron Cotton Rich Shirts are available in a variety of different colours, in long or short sleeve and with big and tall sizes up to 23" Collar.


Wait! There’s actually a bonus, third option - the non-iron oxford shirt

Now we almost left this out as the Oxford shirt is generally considered a more casual shirt than the formal office shirts mentioned above.

But in the days of more laid back office dress codes and dress down Friday’s, the Oxford shirt is gaining a well-deserved smart casual honour.

Our fantastic 100% cotton, non-iron Oxford Shirts are a clear style winner, looking equally as great in the office or on a weekend.

Our non- iron Oxford Shirts, with button-down collar are available in big and tall sizes up to 23" collar, in white or blue with long or short sleeve options.


So are these non-iron shirts truly non-iron?

Yes you really can retire the iron!

Here’s how to care for your Non-Iron Shirts..

As soon as your washing machine cycle finishes, take your non-iron shirts out of the wash and place them in the tumble dryer for a few minutes. This will shake out the creases obtained during washing. Five to ten minutes at the most should do. Then, hang your shirts on coat hangers and leave them to finish drying naturally. And there you have it, you’ll achieve a smooth, wrinkle free effect, that to be honest, even the most patient of people would struggle to achieve with an iron!

You can also simply take your shirts straight from the wash, hang them on coat hangers and leave to dry naturally. Missing out the tumble drying part.

The key thing is to not to leave them sitting in the washing machine. Once the washing cycle has finished, whip them straight out so that those creases obtained during washing don’t set.

The superior nature of our non-iron shirts also means they’re among the most crease resistant in the industry. They’re certainly more crease resistant than shirts that need ironing.

So at the end of the working day, when your colleagues shirts are looking a touch crumpled, yours will look as good as it did first thing in the morning. And that’s a real benefit if you’re heading straight out for a drink after work!

And you’ll have more time to do just that now you don’t have to iron!

You'll have more money too, as all our non-iron shirts are included in our multi-buy offer where the more shirts you buy the more you save.

Buy two shirts to save 10%, three shirts to save 20% or four shirts to save 30%!