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Double TWO Shirts
The Perfect Wedding Attire

The Perfect Wedding Attire

It’s one of the most popular times of year for a wedding so if you have an invite or two this year, it’s probably worth your while reading our guide…

Now we all know you never can truly rely on the British weather, but when you consider that you’ll be adding a suit jacket on top of your shirt, you’re going to want to choose a breathable fabric.

With that in mind a shirt with the most breathable fabric there is. As one of the most common natural fibre fabrics out there, cotton is perfect for all climates. The natural cotton fibres allow air to circulate and move freely through the fabric. The natural un-chemically treated finish of cotton shirts means they are soft and smooth against the skin. So for comfort and coolness all day long the Double TWO Paradigm Shirt should be considered your go-to shirt.

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A classic traditional shirt choice for a wedding is white. A white shirt looks great under any colour suit, and in the summer months particularly adds an extra smart crisp sophistication. But if you do want to turn away from the traditional white shirt, why not try a Paradigm shirt in any of our other plain colours?

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A plain shirt will always serve you well, but if you’re a guest rather than one of the groomsmen you can certainly set yourself apart from those with a part to play, by opting for a coloured shirt. Pale blue’s or lilacs are particularly great colours to use under a light suit for a summer wedding.


Complement your outfit with a shiny set of cuff links to go with any double cuff shirt. Take your pick of classic silver, brushed chrome or gold cuff links with intricate pattern detailing.

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Of course, weddings demand some sort of neck wear, at least if you're attending the ceremony and reception. Choose from the finest ties in our tie collection. Just remember, if you're a messy eater, you can discreetly dab a polyester tie with a bit of water in the gents, a silk tie, not so much!

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To really dazzle, you could try combining a pocket square with a matching tie. This a perfect way to add a touch of colour and pattern to jazz up your suit and shirt combination. We have a great selection of ties and matching pocket squares and some sets even provide cuff links to match!

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An alternative to a tie, you may decide to make an even smarter statement with a bow tie. After all, how often does one get to dress up these days? Whether you pair with a dress shirt or experiment by pairing with any formal shirt, you'll find a way to make a dazzling style statement.

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There is a tendency to keep things plain and formal for weddings, with any colour or pattern being projected through a tie or bow tie. But there's no reason why a great looking patterned shirt can't look just as good with your suit as anything else.

Here's a few ideas for you from our new patterned formal shirt collection...


All that's left now is to sort out the wedding gift!