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Video: The History of Double TWO

Video: The History of Double TWO

Created to commemorate our 50th year, the following video offers a nostalgic glimpse into life at Double TWO head office in the 90's!

The video takes us through the innovative spare collar of the original Double TWO Shirts, the pioneering first polyester shirt and a tour of our head office, showcasing our use of, at the time, cutting edge technology to create the famous Double TWO Shirts.

Now in our 77th year, of course a lot has happened since the creation of this video, which now in itself offers a heavy dose of nostalgia from our archives.


Wow I was working there at the time. My 1st job from leaving school and spent 13 years working there.

Barbaranne Dickens 4 years ago at 19:40

Me too. Darren spencer

Darren spencer 2 years ago at 00:06

I have a clock from one of your old Department Stores would you like it ?

Fiona 2 years ago at 19:40

Hi Fiona,

Please send further details to

kind regards
Double TWO

Richard Hopwood 2 years ago at 07:53

Hi, all done and pics sent too, thank you

Fiona 2 years ago at 14:14