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  1. Double TWO welcome visitors from the Bank of England


    On Thursday March 1st (despite heavy snowfall!), Double Two received a visit from Mr Michael Saunders a member of the Bank of England’s Monetary Policy Committee. He was accompanied by Mr Will Holman, Deputy Agent for Yorkshire.

    Ricky and John Donner, Chairman and Managing Director of Double Two, have been members of the bank’s Yorkshire Business Information Panel for several years. It was, however, a great honour to be chosen for a company site visit and in depth discussion on the effect the bank’s monetary policy was having on the company and on the clothing industry in general.

    MPC members visit industrialists all over the country, through good weather and bad! The visits help the MPC to understand how real businesses work and are responding to the challenges they face. The Bank of England is giving guidance that interest rates are likely to rise, in a gradual and limited way.

    John Donner explained that the Wakefield Shirt Group encompassed Double Two L

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  2. Fun Pancake Day Facts!


    To many it's the most important day of the year (so far!) and although 2018 see's some other special day happen in the very same week, something to do with St.Valentine or someone, Pancake Day just slightly edges it!

    To get us all in the mood for Pancakes, and because it’s also the day of Tuesday Trivia, here’s 12 fun facts about Pancake Day, or Shrove Tuesday as it is traditionally known.

    1. The word ‘shrove’ is the past tense of ‘shrive’, meaning to hear a confession, impose a penance or give absolution. Shrove-tide was a week of confession and merriment before Lent.

    2. “Short shrift” comes from the same verb: it was a quick confession before a criminal’s execution.

    3. Pancakes are now forever associated with Shrove Tuesday as it is a sort of all-in-one way of using up some fatty foods before fasting for Lent. In the past the idea was for families to clear out their cupboards and remove the fatte

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  3. Behind the Scenes of Autumn/Winter 2018!


    As most of you look forward to the Summer months, we're looking even further ahead to the end of the year already!

    We recently headed to a studio location for the photoshoot of our Autumn/Winter 2018 Collection!

    Outside it was cold, wet and dreary but the beauty of spending the whole photoshoot in a studio meant we weren’t at the mercy of the weather and we could produce exactly the look we wanted to achieve.

    Inside, we set about creating the perfect backdrops and winter scenes for the Autumn/Winter Collection 2018.

    Here’s a sneak peek of what went on behind the scenes…

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  4. Double TWO Reduce Plastic Waste by 75%!


    As British Prime Minister Theresa May recently vowed to eliminate the UK’s plastic waste by the year 2042, we are proud to state that in the last year we have reduced our use of plastic packaging by 75% across our casual range!

    It comes as the government steps up its plan for a cleaner environment in the midst of increasing concern around the amount of plastic waste produced in this country.

    Here at Double TWO Shirts and our corporate arm, Sugdens, we have long recognised the impact that our products and services have on the environment. To keep this to a minimum, the company adheres to a strict environmental management system.

    This involves a commitment to pollution prevention and reduction of carbon emissions, minimisation of waste and avoidance of landfill, efficient use of energy, transport, water and other natural resources and a commitment to reducing upstream environmental impacts through our supply chain.

    Environmental performance is constantly m

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  5. Introducing our New Click and Collect Service


    So you want to order your favourite Double TWO Shirt but you’re not going to be at home?! Our new click and collect service in partnership with DPD will let you pick out a handy location to collect your order from!

    When you checkout on the website you will now be presented with an option to choose a convenient DPD Pickup point.

    These vary from petrol stations to local post offices and corner shops, all registered to take part in this service.

    There are currently 2,500 parcel shops available as collection points within this Click and collect service. Click & Collect provided by DPD Pickup will deliver the very next day to your chosen location, ready for collection after 12 noon.

    The benefits of this new click and collect service include:

    • FREE Click & Collect on orders over £50.
    • No need to wait in all day for delivery.
    • More options as to where you’d like to receive your order.
    • F
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  6. How to Spot the Differences in Shirt Fabrics


    Men’s shirts can be made from many different weaves of material these days. The different styles can be a little confusing. Subtle differences in the way the fabric is weaved can achieve a world of difference in appearance and properties!

    This guide aims to give you the knowledge to confidently know your poplin shirts from your oxford shirts!


    Poplin is a strong, tightly woven fabric. The threads are very closely woven in a simple criss-cross pattern. The resulting fabric gives a smooth texture with very little sheen. The poplin shirt is a very popular choice as an everyday business shirt as it’s generally a much more lightweight, thinner fabric that is very breathable, so can be worn comfortably under a suit or on a warm day. Des

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  7. Men's Shirt Collars Explained


    With so many different shirt collar styles out there it really can feel a little daunting. If it isn’t enough to choose a colour, a pattern, a material and a cuff style, the varying styles of collar come along and add to the woes of even the most avid shirt buyer!

    This guide on choosing the right collar style will arm you with the knowledge of a true men’s fashionista, help you understand the differences and help you know instantly the right collar style to suit you.

    Spread Collar

    Our most popular collar is the spread collar. This is a collar style that was first popularised by the Duke of Windsor to accommodate the Windsor knot, the spread refers to the width between the points of the collar, which is slightly wider than a sta

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  8. Essential Men's and Women's Shirts for AW17


    Our AW17 Collection takes inspiration from a variety of sources but the one main constant influence is quality. It’s in every cut, stitch and seam of every shirt produced.

    Whether dressing for the office or for the weekend our collections of Men’s Shirts and Women’s Shirts reflect the timeless style and superb quality that Double TWO have long being highly regarded for.

    Here are a few key styles to add to your Autumn/Winter Wardrobe…


    Timeless Men’s Shirts and British classics through and through, these trusty gingham check shirts offer effortless style throughout the working day. 100% Cotton shirts with an easy care finish the real quality is revealed in the detail, with contrasting cuff finishes and intricate stitching.

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  9. The Perfect Wedding Attire


    It’s one of the most popular times of year for a wedding so if you have an invite or two this year, it’s probably worth your while reading our guide…

    Now we all know you never can truly rely on the British weather, but when you consider that you’ll be adding a suit jacket on top of your shirt, you’re going to want to choose a breathable fabric.

    With that in mind a shirt with the most breathable fabric there is. As one of the most common natural fibre fabrics out there, cotton is perfect for all climates. The natural cotton fibres allow air to circulate and move freely through the fabric. The natural un-chemically treated finish of cotton shirts means they are soft and smooth against the skin. So for comfort and coolness all day long the Double TWO Paradigm Shirt should be considered your go-to shirt.

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  10. The Finest Father's Day Gifts


    With Father’s Day on the Horizon, we’ve put together a little guide of our finest men’s gift selection.

    We thought this year, why not buy something Dad actually needs! So here it is, the finest Father's Day Gift Guide...

    With a fresh batch of stylish cuff links now available online, why not please the best dressed Dads with something new for their formal collection?

    Cuff links are a great way to add an extra dash of sophistication to an outfit, giving an extra smart appearance at a wedding and a professional look to those high powered business meetings. If your Dad looks the part, he’ll certainly feel the part, enough to take on anything life throws at him, including your latest social drama!

    Shop Cuff Li

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