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Monthly Archives: May 2018

  1. The Growing Appetite for British Brands in India


    Industry expert magazine Drapers have written an article in their latest issue on the appetite for western brands amongst India’s growing middle class, youthful, globally focused population.

    India has often been overlooked in favour of other fast growing economies, like China. This is mostly due to the complexities of exporting and trading there. But with an impressive economic growth rate, accompanied by the growth of India’s middle class, British brands are beginning to realise its potential.

    It’s not only the big luxury brands that hold a significant lure to Indian consumers, but also those smaller premium names with a long standing fashion heritage.

    Our chairman, Richard Donner spoke to Drapers,

    “There are a lot of fakes in India. So Indian shoppers are wary of the very big names they or their families know. They are going more for brands that ha

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  2. An Exciting New Store Opening!


    Everyone at Double TWO Shirts has fallen in love with thew modern and trendy appearance of a brand new Double TWO store!

    You'll have to travel a little further than you may be used to to visit it though...

    We are now reaching new parts of the globe with the successful opening of a store in India!

    Double TWO are proud to have opened a store on Bel Road in Bangalore. Famous for its shops and restaurants, Bel Road offers a prime location for the Double TWO brand to be unleashed on India.

    Spanning two floors, the store offers our core range of formal shirts to suit the trendy business men of Bangalore, as well as the more laid-back styles offered by our casual wear label, Bar Harbour.

    Speaking on the store opening, Double TWO Chairman, Richard Donner said

    “I’m really proud to see Double TWO launched in India. These are exciting times. I really believe India, and in particular Bangalore is a huge area of

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  3. Relaxed looks for the upcoming Bank Holidays


    May heralds two bank holidays, giving the chance of two long weekends in which to get out, explore, relax and unwind.

    However you choose to spend your bank holiday, the latest men’s casual shirts from the Double TWO Bar Harbour collection offer something for every event.

    For the beer garden…

    Men’s short sleeve shirts are in demand at this time of year, presenting a cool, relaxed style that’s far removed from the office but still shows you’ve made an effort. What better way to relax in the bank holiday sun than with a refreshing beer while sat in your favourite pub beer garden?

    Our range of casual shirts offer something a little different with a choice of checked and patterned shirts to keep you stylish and cool as you soak up the sunshine.

    This white men’s casual shirt offers 100% cotton comfort and a unique fun seaside themed design that’ll have you dreaming of your next trip to the beach.

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