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Double TWO welcome visitors from the Bank of England

Double TWO welcome visitors from the Bank of England

On Thursday March 1st (despite heavy snowfall!), Double Two received a visit from Mr Michael Saunders a member of the Bank of England’s Monetary Policy Committee. He was accompanied by Mr Will Holman, Deputy Agent for Yorkshire.

Ricky and John Donner, Chairman and Managing Director of Double Two, have been members of the bank’s Yorkshire Business Information Panel for several years. It was, however, a great honour to be chosen for a company site visit and in depth discussion on the effect the bank’s monetary policy was having on the company and on the clothing industry in general.

MPC members visit industrialists all over the country, through good weather and bad! The visits help the MPC to understand how real businesses work and are responding to the challenges they face. The Bank of England is giving guidance that interest rates are likely to rise, in a gradual and limited way.

John Donner explained that the Wakefield Shirt Group encompassed Double Two Ltd selling through 1,000 retail outlets and having its own shops and web sites, and Sugden’s which sells clothing to most police and fire services, to charities such as St John Ambulance and the Salvation Army and to major companies such as BP and Philips 66, the owners of Jet Petroleum. In addition to hundreds of distributors.